Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Visitor

Intense isn't he?

This fellow flew into our back yard and perched on that skinny branch, in the spring snowstorm, beside the trampoline.

A Great Grey? Maybe. Definitely not a Great Horned Owl.

Whomever he is, he is magnificent. Intimidating. Amazing to watch. HUGE. Seriously, he's as big as a Bald Eagle.

Hopefully, he'll be back tomorrow and we can continue our staring contest.

Guess who won?

By the way, Mr.Wise is looking backwards towards the camera. Amazing...wish I had that range of motion....just to keep an eye on my boys!


  1. He is beautiful and I bet, in your quiet house, you did take time to out stare him! It looks like it is the great gray owl and is definately in your area all year round, although you might be at the edge of where he lives and stays, It is rare to uncommon to actually see him. It says it has the most impressive face of any bird and is highly sought after for pictures. You are so lucky to have photographed him. He is the largest of all owls, there are others who weigh more. Great picture!!!

    1. Thanks Dawn!
      He is truly amazing and must live close by because we've seen him a few times, but never perched beside the trampoline!
      One of these days I'll have to find an informative bird book. Until then, the internet certainly helps!