Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Wild Life

Living in the foothills of the Rockies is a blessing to our family. We are living the dream. I have wanted to live in the mountains for YEARS and here we are. Living that dream!

With living in the woods, there comes risks as well.
 Which is also true of living in urban areas, right?

Deer in our backyard.

"Maisy" the Moose visits too.

Are you wondering what that blue block is? It's a salt block. There was one here when we moved in so we kept up the habit, however that will be changing as of tomorrow morning. 

Do you see the white pole by the salt block? That is a deer feeder which we have NEVER filled and I think is just crazy! By the way, our local general store sells rolled oats soaked in molasses specifically for feeding deer. Nuts I say! 

Deer need to remain dependant on nature, not on humans.

The birds are beautiful.
Sweet little Chick-a-dee.

Yes, we feed the birds....for now. It's a spoken rule in our community that bird feeders are put away in April as they act as an appetizer for bears. So, our wee feathered friends will be on their own soon.

Also attracting deer means attracting cougars. This is our next backyard visitor. I have not snapped a picture of the "kitty" as he remains elusive which is scary. I would rather see this amazing predator than have him lurking in our woods and stealing the next door neighbors' dogs. Two big dogs, one on either side of us, have been taken within three weeks.


Tonight our next door neighbor saw the cat in their backyard during daylight hours.Just leisurely walking across the yard. Probably checking to see if dinner was available. Yikers!

When Mrs. A telephoned to report the sighting, goose bumps ran up and down my whole body. Still gives me shivers.


Reported to Fish & Wildlife....check! 
Backyard flood lights on....check!
Dog in doors....check!
Boys in bed and safe....double check!!
A little freaked out....check! 

Hmmm....cougars are leary of skunks? Maybe we should raise skunks! I have a friend in the city who traps and releases skunks. Maybe Miss T could bring them here!


Click the above image link & read the story. It cracks me up. This was taken in Waterton National Park and that little skunk did scare the cougar away!

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  1. This big cat scare has me rethinking my passion to be your neighbor!