Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Could you, would you, in the Nude?

There's a new nudist camp in our eastern neighboring province which was featured on today's noon news.
Blows my mind.
Okay....I get the naturalist thing, the laid back attitude....but really?
To take your children there for summer vacation with the intent to increase their self-esteem (not awareness...esteem). Playing badminton and other outdoor sports.
I just couldn't do it. Not only because of wanting my own clothes, being shy at other people's nudity, bathing in Deet and sunscreen, shaking everything that should be still, and staring a hole in people's foreheads...... because where do you look? The eyes would be too revealing!
So, no Nudist Camp for our family vacation.
Would you, could you, in the nude?


  1. Oh Margo, you maketh me laugh out loud a lot! You should sell this stuff you write To comedians they would lap it up!!! And no my trip to SK is not to that place, unless it is of course Esterhazy!

  2. "Anonymous" I think I shall call you the Divine Miss M. or DM2.
    Hmmmm....maybe it is near Esterhazy. Well 25km away from Regina I think...Esternudy.

  3. Not bloody likely! Couldn't do it. We have had this conversation on vacation in the Dominican...what about the poor hormonal boys that are taken to these places - TORTURE! :)


  4. I think that maybe I could. However, alot of the reason I think this would be a great place for me to go is not due to my sexual prowess, but rather that I have always lacked in the fashion department. If I was naked, at least no one would be laughing at my out of date swimming attire.

  5. lol....I don't know Mr. H....maybe a speedo would be a preference over nothing? What about mosquitos?