Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What's Up Buttercup?

Camping, Vacation Bible School, summer colds, temporary loss of hearing, wiggly hands, time spent with friends, kindergarten info night, urology appointments, family visits, late nights, no routine, and our summer is coming to an end.

R - Mr. 3...a 2yr old on speed, cause that is 3, right Mrs. Mittens?....who copies his brother just to be a bug, begged for soap when threatened with hot sauce for incessantly saying "stupid mugger", learned that his momma will always come back when at gymnastics and VBS after all the tears and hand holding from W, refuses to eat salad with fresh dill cause "I no eat grass!!", can be heard singing a variety of songs such as the theme song to the Wonderpets, Itty Itty Spider, ABCs, etc and dances on his tip toes with his little hands in the air. This Carebear lovin' guy wants to " snuggle on the moon and swing from the stars that tickle my toes" with Funshine Bear and Grumpy Bear. His favorites. Bup is a funny little fella who often shocks me with what is going on within his little mind.

W - Mr. 5! The summer he turned 5 and is so proud to be 5. A little Star Wars birthday gathering complete with oodles of Star Wars lego. Our house now resembles a the wreckage after a star wars lego filled pinata exploded. By the way, they hurt when stepped on. Yowzza!! Summer colds that result in a loss of hearing which means LOUD TV watching and a lot of yelling. W continues to want to explore how everything works which is why toys are taken apart with a screwdriver and sometimes put back together. There's been a little level of trust gained and given such as riding his bike around the block alone....two times. I can't believe I did that!! And showing off his wonderful big brother skills by holding Bup's hand as he cried at gymnastics and vacation bible school. By the way, did you know that God, Jesus and the Statue of Liberty rule the world? They do. W told me so.

B & me...well, we have another summer behind our parenting, married belts. A summer of camping, friends, work and a little more camping. A milestone summer with our baby turning 5yrs. Nights by the campfire talking, watching the stars and swatting the mosquitoes.

Now, the month is turning. Tomorrow is September. Fall has begun. The mornings are chilly, it's dark by 9pm, there are a mere few camping weekends left in the season, kindergarten starts in one week, and the boys' activities start next weekend. The busy, carefree pace of summer is on the cusp of ending.

Farewell summer. Hello Fall.


  1. Summer can be so wonderful, carefree and cahotic at the same time, with the lack of routine. While I had one of the best summers of my life, I am looking forward to all that fall brings. Ashton starts school this Thursday and he is so excited to go, that he is making me excited about it as well, lol.

    It's interesting to look back and see how much they have changed just over a few months though, isn't it?!


  2. Although we just saw you yesterday, today I feel panicked!!! Yup, did school sneak up on me or was I in my own little world! Am I ready for lunches, not at all! Amazing how things changed over the summer and the boys just seem to zoom along, and R is just loving it isn't he?? Toooooo cute! Kinda sad that he is maturing, but isn't that what all this parental effort is for, the kids, and helping them succeed in life! It is so working for you, and for the record no one said it was easy! Good for you in trusting W to go around the block! I did it with K going down the street too! I still spy! But my anxiety doesn't go through the roof! I just do a lot of praying that he isn't going to pull out you know who and pee in a backyard!!! My anxiety is rising already today! Talk later!


  3. Your whole message makes me sigh and think, yes, it was a great summer!
    No routines, extra extra's, later nights, sleepy mornings, coffee on the mat at the trailer taking in the dew and crisp air.....ah, it was grand!
    We are on day 3 of school today which also means I have survived 3 days of school lunches!!! 3 Cheers!!
    Attended the Preschool registration meeting for P last night. Oh, crazy times.....my baby!
    Happy fall y'all!

  4. Have I ever mentioned that I think you're lovely?!

    Cause I do.

    Five...and Three. I have some of those around here too. :)


  5. Fall is harvest at our house - with R's augers and grain bins. MY how we enjoyed our chat the other night with R and the things he can think about to talk about - his little brain must be stuffed full of wonderful ideas. As for Star wars lego - look out - there is more coming W's way when we ever get his birthday present delivered. Maybe you guys can come and he can pick it up. By the way, I think dad will have to help build. M - if you ever have a quiet moment - I am at the other end of the phone line. Oh right --- I guess I will soon be in the field swathing. Love you guys!!!