Monday, August 16, 2010

Paula Deen Gluten Free

No, I did not attempt to massacre one of Paula Deen's scrumptious southern recipes with the Free Eating madness. For the record, I love Paula Deen. She tugs at my deep southern roots.
The food, the accent and even the hair. Also, she's hilarious. Did you see the episode when she added a large hard chunk of butter to a working mixer and it flew out? Complete with screams and guffaws from her and Oprah.
Yes, it was a Paula Deen moment in the kitchen last night.
It was cooking/baking madness and the Peach Crumble recipe called for heated pineapple juice with tapioca starch as thickener. Well, wouldn't it be easier to blend in the blender? Maybe.....if the lid didn't pop off and hot pineapple juice flew revved everywhere. Luckily my reflexes managed to kick in and I jumped out of the way. Paula Deen and the butter all the way!
On the stove, in the oven or the blender there was Peach Crumble, adapted from Alicia what's her name of the popular vegan book....
Banana Date Muffin Tops from my favorite churchy cookbook...the Sat sabbath people, what's their names? 7 Secrets Cookbook.
Spicy Peanut Veggie Soup ala How It All Vegan...those cute, cute, cute girls from the West Coast.
My thoughts were crumble all week for breakfast, soup all week for lunch and the muffin tops for VBS snack. The Muffin tops are delish and won't last until tomorrow's VBS! W thinks the date chunks are jam. Cutie!

Btw, if you want any of the above recipes, let me know and I'll post them just for you!


  1. I would like the soup recipe, I have the muffin top one, btw did you use a muffin top pan or cookie sheet? I think I'll pass on the messy peach thingy, not in the mood for cleaning this week! Lol when am I ever in the mood???


  2. I have done the same thing with the blender blowing up before. I think mine was with hot tomatoes for making soup. Not too nice to clean up either.