Monday, August 2, 2010

The GF Baking Secret

One challenge of gluten free baking is the desire for fluffiness. Rice, sorghum and other flours do not provide the light fluffiness of wheat. It drives me bonkers! I have thrown out so many cookies, biscuits, etc because they are dry like chalk.
The other weekend while enjoying a sunny morning at the Millarville Farmer's Market, I met a lovely GF baker and she shared her secret to lightness with me. What a sweetie!

Carbonated water.

Wuhoo!!! The carbonation adds some fluff and light. Oh yeah....oh yeah.....the house is on fire! Can you picture me shaking my ample bootay about the kitchen with turquoise tongs in hand and hair standing on end?!

So, this morning's Elmo and Cookie Monster pancakes are just as tasty as before a little bit fluffier.


  1. What? Who would have thought! DO you just add a splash of carbonated water to the recipe or do you replace some of the liquid with it? I'll have to give this a try. If it can make GF cookies taste closer to "normal", I might give gf baking a shot again! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Great idea and yes I can see you dancing about the playing???
    I would love to take a trip to Millarville again. I went once for their Christmas market years ago with my favorite Auntie and Mom. It was great!

  3. I am howling over here as I first read "turquoise thong"! I don't know how you bake, but I am typically fully clothed :) So glad u found a secret to your baking!


  4. lol.....Oh Trish! You make me laugh. Dancing around with a turquoise thong in my hand!
    Yikes! Not likely!