Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This Week....

Thursday already?
It's been a busy week, which is evident by my lack of posting. Wanna catch up?
Monday....Little Wonders Photo Shoot. Miss Natalie is amazing with the kiddos. A-mazing! If you are in search of a phenomenal early literacy program, signing course or Love & Logic Parenting Program contact Little Wonders. You will not be disappointed!

Tuesday...."Home Day" which became date with W day as he was really needing some one-one Mommy time. Nothing like a trip to the local truck stop to play the "claw game" to happy-up a little boy. Except the games were under construction and that was just "stupid!" so we had to journey on and find more elsewhere. Aaaahhhh....we're all class and fun, this family of mine! We
finally found something fun, ran some errands and were home for naps, more play, and a snuggle or two.

Wednesday....birthday breakfast with my ever-lovin' sister...thank you! It's our yearly tradition for both our birthdays. Breakfast with just the sisters although there was a year or two that I had a nursing babe in a bucket seat in tow.
After the Sunshine Panini at Cora's it was off to the toy store to spend some piggy bank money. One little boy sat on an empty shelf and cried his heart out because the toy he had his heart set on was sold out. Poor gaffer.
Yes, he found another that would do and then we packed up to hit the Children's Hospital to play(my kids LOVE the "hopital" and beg to go there. Can you teItalicll we've spent too much time at Children's? It's a playdate for them.) and pick up the Oximeter machine for Bup. He's sleeping with a glowing index finger as I write measure his O2 levels as there's a hint or two that his adenoids are enlarged. This little man never closes his mouth...never...and snores a lot. So....we're checking things out.

Tonight was "Craft Night" at Sissie's. Just three of us.
Ahhhh....girl talk, a little crocheting, a little wine, a little cheese, a little suburban chainsaw....that would be me with the electric knife and a glue gun. Imagine what I could create with that! Well, stay tuned! I plan to turn this....

...into this! Not quite as elaborate of course, but you get the idea. My son loves a doll house. He plays with them whenever found, oogles over them in the toy store...sooo....I'm not about to buy one because I'm sure the interest has a short life span however why not foster his imagination? Once the creation is complete, I'll be sure to post pictures. The dwelling is half way finished and hiding in the basement. It'll be fun to surprise him!

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  1. As I watched little P roaming around the house with his head pointing in many directions, I thought of your 2. He was using his brother's headlamp.....on a strechy adjustable band and is super bright (different settings). If they don't have I am sure they would love them. He was so quiet scrutinizing every dark corner of the house.....with all the lights on ;)