Saturday, July 17, 2010

This Child...

This child needs a pet, a farm, to run and raise animals. A horse, goat, donkey, a black and white dog named Charlie, a brown and black cat named Jeffrey, even a guinea pig. This little W of mine is a lover of all animals. It's amazing to watch him with them as he just glows. His heart shines and he is so gentle and happy when petting or feeding any animal. A lover of all animals is our little W and it just warms my heart to watch him and my heart cracks just a bit each time because I wish we could give him a menagerie.
Until then... trips to petting zoos, family farms and friends with animals will have to do.

*Please do not judge us for the choice of hat that W is wearing on this day. It's his grandmother's doing...surprisingly not his dad's. He knows this is his dad's team and that we like the red team!*


  1. Love the picture of the boys with the goat - looks like they're having a conversation! Thelma

  2. I just love the way you share your thoughts...beautiful.


  3. was a one-sided conversation as W was all talky-talky and the goat all ears!
    Happy's Momma....thank you. Your kind words are most appreciated!

  4. It's so sweet to see how some kids just love animals and how gentle they are with them! He sure does seem to love them lots!