Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunny Sheerness

Our yearly trek to Sheerness for the family water well camp out took place this weekend. It was a smaller group due to other commitments and we really missed one particular couple; Grandma J & Grandpa B. It wasn't quite the same without them, even though we had a lot of sunshine, fun and maybe a bit too much wine.
There were some cheeky moments too, that I couldn't resist getting on film. It was late evening and Bup was allowed to stay up rather than risk him waking his brother. This is a big treat for our Buppy as it's usually the other way around and he got to play on the giant blow up water slide/climbing wall. Hence, the pull up hanging around his knees.
Speaking of Bup, he was pretty funny and sneaky this weekend. Sat morning bright and early he saunters out of the trailer, pulls down his jammies and pees under the gazebo! Gaaa! Sunday morning while I'm trying to get dressed he sneaks out....totally naked...and just plays cars & trucks on the mat, completely ignoring me telling him to come in the trailer!
W of course, played and played and played with the other kids. Unfortunately he had three mishaps, one of which I was certain would include a trip to the closest hospital as he fell off the top (about 15 foot drop) of the water slide and belly flopped onto the ground. Oh! My little man. He scares me....his tumbles, and bumps and bruises. I'm so grateful he wasn't seriously hurt.
His risk taking also is what makes us as parents proud though. For example, today he water skied!!! Mr. W...still 4yrs, almost up on the skis and skied! I'm so proud! And a little sad that I missed it. Hopefully, one of our friends got pictures.
Watching the boys play outside endlessly and have so much fun is good for the soul. As is adult conversation and laughter around the fire while the kiddos are sleeping. Ahhhh....camping.


  1. We absolutely got pictures! I got a couple and Shannon a couple too! Way to go W!! We had so much fun with him this weekend. Right down to laughs at supper last night.


  2. Your talking about what Bup was up too made me laugh! It's such a little boy thing I think... they just love being naked! lol.

    Sounds like it was a great weekend (and glad W was ok)

  3. Sad that we missed it (again)! And Yay for W!!! That is fantastic!
    And your little nudist...too funny!


  4. Kellan is currently in the process of telling room service all about his friend Warner going waterskiing. And his friend Rhett who was losing his pull up on his way out of the pool! Too funny and man do they miss their friends! Oh, and man does their Mommy miss her friend Margo! See you soon!