Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dairy...oh how I dislike thee.

So, we tried dairy again. Goat milk. After much begging and pleading from W, we gave it a go, starting on Saturday. Allowing goat milk with cereal in the mornings and the odd glass throughout the day. Maybe two a day.
What a regret.
By Monday, W spent the day on the couch. Which I thought was weird, but just chalked up to a busy camping weekend.
Tuesday.....super runny nose.
Wednesday....ear infection and super runny nose. Crying in the afternoon because his ear hurts so badly. Crying when drops were administered. Which is completely unlike W.'s almost 3am as I write this....W is awake due to coughing; ear still sore, nose still running. Thank goodness for the couch, a cozy blanket, and Leapster. After an hour or so of struggling to sleep, we are now settled on the couch for a while.
Oh, Dairy, how could you do this to us....again? We were desperately hoping for a change. For the ability to enjoy a little goat milk. No such luck. I guess it was worth a try.....???

Now, due to this reaction, W and I will be missing out on Canada Day festivities, and a trip to the Ponoka Stampede as well. Instead, we will be laying low, napping, and off to the chiropractor to help those ears drain and stay open. Ah....summer fun!


  1. Oh no! That completely sucks! Ashton and I are lactose intolerant (not allergic), so I drink rice milk and he's been drinking Lactaid milk, so I also just switched him to goats milk and he seems to be ok. But in the winter, when he starts getting reocurring ear infections, I have to remove him off all dairy, or he just can't get rid of the ear infections. Hope all is better soon, so he can enjoy his health again and you all can enjoy your summer!

  2. Yup. Those are some of the exact reasons we do no dairy. But it's been years, and I thought it was worth a try...just in case....
    Well, it wasn't! Poor fella. He's a wreck. Hopefully, tomorrow will see a turn around after some Gripps, ear drops and a trip to the chiropractor.