Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What's the Scoop?

Okay, friends and inter-blogging readers that I have not yet met & stay silent, what gives?
Comments have become null & void.
Readership must be low.
Or non-existant.
What's going on?
Irrelevant topics?
Moved on?
Left the computer age and started a more simpler life with limited technology?
Do tell.
I love blogging, sharing, releasing, but feedback is one of the most beautiful results of blogging.


  1. Lack of time for me I'm afraid. When the sun is shining I'm outside with the kids. My friend Jenn has challenged herself to post one picture a day for the month of July. I'll attempt to do the same. Not so sure what will happen on our holidays but I'll make a valiant effort. Maybe I should have some auto posts ready and then my readers will sometimes have two posts in one day. High hopes!!!!

  2. A pic post a day is a great idea. Holidays....when you return post the number of pics to correspond with the number of days gone?
    Thanks Lesley! Nice to know you're still out there...enjoying the sun and the kiddos!

  3. I'm still here too! The past couple months seemed to have been so cahotic, though. But now I'm off work for the summer, Ashton's done pre-school, things are back to a slower and more relaxed pace, so I'll be "around" more again :)

    I've been finding comments reducing as well lately. Maybe alot of people are starting their summer vacations and laying off the computer a bit?

  4. I'm still a avid reader -- just have to catch up sometimes after awhile of the "no time to sit syndrome"!