Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

I love that my husband is a father.
There are times when I watch him fathering and find myself wishing that I am as kind, patient, fun or loving as he is with the boys. Years back, watching him with the that was something. It would almost bring a tear to my eye....witnessing him snuggle and sing to a "little ball of goo." (as he used to refer to babies...)
Now to see the absolute glee on W & R's faces when their daddy arrives home from work. Well....that's just enough to give a girl goosebumps! His arrival is the definite highlight of their day.
So, B the D, deserves such a celebratory and day of gratitude, but.....
it didn't happen. Not on the scale my FH deserves.
We are all recovering from colds, my FH included, so no one had much energy to celebrate. Although the boys woke up their dad bright and early to give him their handmade gifts which are too cute. Especially the Interview about Dad that W completed while in pre-school:
My dad is 41yrs old. (lol....he's off by about 3 yrs here)
My dad helps me with heavy stuff.
My dad likes to play with me.
My dad's likes to wear his Oilers shirt.
My dad has a workshop.
If I had $100 dollars I would buy my dad a new, big, pipe wrench.
My dad's favorite color is red.

Did you celebrate Father's Day?
May the fathers in your life, know they are special and loved...just like our B the D.

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  1. I let him play golf twice this week. :)

    We found some good men, huh? Jonathan was always SO wonderful with the babies. Actually taking night I could sleep. I thought he was a beautiful soul before I married him. Now...I'm convinced.'re making my mascara run. Which is a bit annoying. Since I actually took the time to put some on today! ;p