Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kiddos School

Summer is almost upon us. We're hanging for it. In the sense of dreaming of warm days, blue skies, and sunshine. Until then, we're wrapping up pre-school and planning for September and summer.
Word came this week that W is pre-approved for PUF 2010/2011. Wuhooooo!!!! This is such a relief. W will get another year of support in school allowing him the chance to grow and excel before enrolling in Gr. 1. This also means he will be going to a private kindergarten in our community. One with a low teacher-student ratio, access to therapies and with in walking distance.
As for our littlest man Bup, he too will be going to school in the fall. Pre-school. Yikes! This was not in my plans. Send my baby to pre-school? He's just three. No way! BUT. Then it was brought to my attention that it would be good for him as he would be socialized with kids who do not have special needs and learn from these peers. Ugh. Okay. Fine. This is a valid point. Plus the fact that Bup plays "cool" at home. Carrying a little case around, telling me "Bye. I going to cool." Asking to stay at W's school. So, maybe he's ready? Maybe I'm not? At any rate, he's registered.
Now, for summer. I'm ready for it. Looking forward to no schedule or rather setting our own schedule. We're going to keep the learning momentum going in a fun for us way, with lots of field trips, songs learned by me from You Tube, sandpaper alphabet, an alphabet summer inspired by Josie's Mom and of course, camping, gymnastics and friends.


  1. Yay for W to get accepted in the program you were hoping for, that's great news!!

    I guess that is a valid point about Bup going to pre-school, but I can totally understand how you would not be ready, considering he's only 3. Isin't it funny how sometimes (or a lot of times) our kids are ready way before we are?

    I'm so ready for summer too! Darn snow in Alberta always keeps coming back just when you think it's getting warmer.


  2. Being among those "so what if I think I can homeschool my kids" type...enrolling Trevy in school sent me on an emotional roller coaster. And even though the longer I homeschool the more I...and the kiddos...are loving it. I also believe their education should be about them. And in Trevy's case...he needed school. And it's been such a wonderful surprise to watch him blossom!

    As for summer. You are much more excited about it than I! ;)