Thursday, June 17, 2010

Boogers n Worms

It's raining here. It's been raining for weeks. Quite literally.
Which brings you know what onto the sidewalks, among other places.

Do your kids pick their nose? And eat it? How do you get them to stop?
Well, I've tried all sorts of things....having to wash hands as soon as that finger disappears...etc. And then my sister and a friend were reminiscing about childhood and some of the ridiculous things our parents told us, such as that boogers give you worms.

Bingo! I'm gonna try that!

Not one of my finer parenting moments, but come on....I need something!

So today while waiting for pre-school to open, it was me the other parents could hear snorting with laughter and I did NOT offer any explanation.

W and 4 little friends were all crouched on their haunches watching a long, skinny, slimy worm squirm around enjoying the rain, when another mom and I heard W clear as sunny southern skies.....

"Boogers make worms."

"Did I hear that right?" asked the other mom. To which I replied yes, kept laughing and did not explain.

Yup, a fine parenting moment.

So, fess up. What white-lie do you tell your kids?


  1. I tell them boogers will make them sick, and then I read an acticle about all the germs in them, and then miraculously they get a tummy ache later on and apologize! It isn't like I don't feed them, why do they do it. Honestly I would rather they wipe it on their clothes, it grosses me out. Kleenex seems to be beyond them!!!!!!!


  2. crud...I hate when I forget to log out of his account!


  3. My fave white-lie-line is "I don't know" when I really mean "I don't feel like explaining this six different ways from Sunday til' you understand...can't you see I'm exhausted!".

    Btw...figures it's be a bogger blog I'd read while eating! Ugh...