Monday, June 14, 2010

Womens Retreat

Ahhhhh.....the support and power of women...of friends. Not to mention the mountains! We shared an inspiring weekend in the Rockies, the four of us. Which brought face aching laughter, hours in the outdoor hot-tub, a few tears, and the desire to do it all again next year.

Our Rockies are always inspiring, yet on a sunny day it's almost overwhelming. Awesome, over-shadowing amazingness. (Aren't I great with words?!)

What did I learn over these two days?
That despite my deep, unshakable love for the three men in my life (big & little), there is a need for friends. Always. The support of girlfriends is like no other.
Also....goodness I miss cheese!
And ice cream!
And bagels with cream cheese! Oh! The sneakiness of eating when my Kiddos aren't around.'s back to cheese.


  1. Oooo, a girl retreat in the mountains, that would HAVE to be awesome! Is that Canmore? For some reason, I think it is...

    Sounds like it was a fabulous time, ice cream, cheese and all! Glad you had a good time. Girl friends are so special and you are right. They are needed.


  2. I've always wanted to do a girlfriend retreat...and yet have never managed to schedule it into our budget. Hmmmmm... You have me thinking it might be about time to try again...


  3. Danielle,
    This retreat was through my sister's church so it was really inexpensive....$100 for the weekend including almost all the meals. Maybe your church would be up for something similiar?