Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Don't look over the fence!

Bup is in the midst of toilet training. After all he is three now!
We had a unseasonably warm spring day....once...last week and this brought the boys out of doors. There was a bare bum involved as well. However, I did check with my local parenting mentor before allowing the outdoor nudity. Truly I did! I phoned my sister for advice as to whether it's appropriate for my son to be baring all in the backyard. To which she replied..."My kids did and we didn't even have fences." So.... we have fences.
Plus, the neighbors already talk about us and now they really have something to discuss if they're looking over the fence.
Bup is toilet training so it's sometimes easier to let him go free and easy rather than changing underwear and pants several times a day. He's doing awesome! Even going on his own without prompting yet there's still some misses such as forgetting to pull the pants down before sitting on the toilet.
So....what's your opinion? Childhood backyard nudity? Yes or no?

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