Friday, June 4, 2010


"I like to knit a little lit." a quote from my knitting friend Miss J.

Last night I pulled out my much ignored knitting bag. It's been weeks since I've knit. Which was shockingly evident by the state of the two projects I had on the go. Had being the operative word. One was a celery green cabled shrug for myself and the other an incredibly sweet soft brown hat , with lace edging for a newly bald friend. Both are now unraveled and back into balls. Just wasn't feeling the knitting grove for these two items.
Maybe had I cracked open the beer I found within my knitting bag last night, my groove may have been on! Imagine! A beer in a knitting bag! It arrived there en route to the 20th High School Reunion. Did I knit a stitch that weekend? Nope. Did I drink that beer? Not last night, but it's calling to me now and so are those wooden knitting sticks.
A new project on the go. Another Shruggigan. This one is for me and in different shades of stone/taupe. We shall see what the future holds, but if I keep leaving the bag within Bup's reach so that he can steal a needle and walk around pretending he's an old man....well, it just doesn't bode well, now does it.
Stay tuned.
Until then....what creative project(s) do you have on the go?

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  1. Hmmm, I like to knit a lil lit as well. AND, I see you're learning my trick of always having a beverage in the knitting/craft bag to make sure one is appropriatly hydrated or lit. =) Perhaps had I been knitting a lil more lit I wouldn't have landed in hospital this week. Something to consider. =)