Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

As I write this the rain is patting against the windows, the house is dim with evening sun and quiet with sleeping children. I am blissfully nestled into the couch. Where I think I will stay until my bed beckons.

Did you ever vow that you would NOT be like your parent(s)? Or are you one of the luckies who wants to even strives to be like their parent?

Well, an epiphany has been brewing in my mind and body.
I have determined that I am so much like my father it's frightening.
As a kid, I remember my father couldn't do this and that....couldn't run, play, etc....cause of his heart and back. Well, I find myself saying similar things to my boys. Talk about sinking my heart...cringing on the inside....
On any given day lately, I hear myself saying "my back hurts, my neck hurts, headache, tired, Achilles tendon, plantar fasciitis, knee, neck is pinched, back hurts, back hurts, etc...I can't...later....just a minute...."
Ohhhhh....what have I done? What have I become? I can't even stand to hear myself.
I'm 37 basically 38 and seriously feel....oh, I don't know, 90. Yes, 90.
I need a plan. A get healthy, action plan. Forget getting slim. Gawd knows I need to but being healthy is so much more crucial.
So, in any given week I'm pretty sure I need a massage, chiropractic care, physio, acupuncture, sleep, detox, the naturopath, and all the basic parts of being healthy like getting off this comfy couch with the rain pattering windows and get outside. Rain or not.
Maybe putting it all out there like this will spur me into some sort of action. That's what I need spurs...or a cattle prod...after all Stampede is almost here!

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