Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Now We've Done It...Time Out!

Time Out... for me....not the kids.

(This little babe is Bup wearing a hand knit outfit that Miss P from Time Out made him)

Since W was 15 months old I have been attending a ladies group called Heritage Time Out. W prefers to call it playgroup because of the connotation of "time out". However, you call it, it's a fun, morning out all to myself! Kids go to childcare and are able to play with peers, complete crafts, and just play, play, play. While the kiddos are enjoying their time, the adults are laughing, sharing with other like minded women and working on some art projects.
Card making, quilting, knitting and "do what you want" are the groups of choice today. You can find me at the knitting table. Not knitting like in my mother's knitting, stylish, amazing master knitters that rock! I am the beginner at the table....even after all these years. While we are knitting, purling, pulling it out, cabling and such there's a lot of chatting going on and often we are the loudest table in the hall. Laughing at some offside comment or story. Even sharing a tear or two when there's been loss or hurt among the group.
Now, over time our membership has dwindled. Less ladies are at home during the day. I'm not sure what the cause is, but it needs to turn around.
So, there were some executive positions available. Have been for a couple of weeks. After fleeting thoughts of "I should do this"....I signed myself up! And....volunteered a friend! Miss K and I are sharing the Head Coordinator position.
Shut the front door Time Out! There are changes members, maybe fun theme days, speakers, name it, we'll try it!
So, if in September you find yourself with a free morning on Wednesdays, come on out. Tell a friend....and they'll tell two friends, and so on, and so on.... Join us!


  1. Congratulations on the position! That sounds like such a fun place to hang out! I whish there was something like that where I live...

  2. Sunshine Mama....start one! Why don't you see if there's interest among friends, neighbors, colleagues, pre-school moms....and get something started. Check out MOPS, or maybe a church would donate space...that's what we you have a Parent Link Centre in the area? Bet they would be a huge resource!