Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eye Spy TSC

Opthamology day for R at the Children's Hospital today. Just the routine, yearly check up which I almost postponed out of the desire for a less busy day. With W at VBS and a kind friend willing to take him home with her, Bup and I set out for a quick appt in the Vision Clinic.
Quick? Bahahhahahhaaa! I know better than that! Start to finish was 2.5 hrs which gave us the chance to pop up to Urology to enquire about his next appt there, have lunch and a little play. By the time we returned to Vision Bup looked like he was on some interesting drugs by the size of his pupils and the thin Iris line surrounding those giant pupils. I know what that feeling is like and kept trying to stay far back when speaking to him as I knew he couldn't see me properly. He handled it well.
Until the sweet Dr needed to look closely in his eyes with her magical lens. Then the tears and struggle began. It took two of us to hold him still. It's always upsetting to restrain your child. Always. Even when you know he's not being hurt. With me whispering in his ear, holding his body, and the assistant holding his head Dr. E was finally able to get a good view of that little tumor that is there.
It has not changed! Wuhoo! Still small, still stable even though it's location is horrible. Close to the center of the retina. So far so good though.
The big change?
Bup's new prescription for glasses.
Glasses! At 3yrs.
His right eye is quite near sighted and this has increased dramatically since last year. Deal with it now and hopefully in the future his eyes will even out. To leave it without correction could mean that his brain would take over and shut the right eye down. Whoa! The brain is amazing!
So Bup will be the cutest little 3 yr old boy with glasses and super cool just like his dad.
Ever tried eye glass shopping with and for a 3yr old? It's interesting. Takes a lot of reverse psychology, and play interruptions. After some time we finally made a choice and I sure hope they look good. What a tough decision!
Next step......keeping the glasses on!

(*the fuzzy, crummy pics were taken on my cell phone...hence the high quality*)


  1. So glad the tumor hasn't changed! We have trouble toothbrush shopping, I can't imagine eye glass shopping with my kids!!
    I'm sure he'll look super cute, I mean how could he not he is cheek squeezing adorable already!


  2. Awww. But somehow the little boys with glasses on are always the cutest. :)