Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Redesign - Blouse & Flip Flops

Inspired by the talented Lex's tutorial, I turned a men's button down shirt into this peasant style blouse. It's pretty simple, yet I quite enjoy it. Today, I wore and loved it. Comfy & cool.
Sewing is something I enjoy...sort of. I enjoy the outcome. I enjoy the process. Creating. Changing. Reading patterns? Not so much. Therefore refashioning is the perfect option. I've got four more shirts in my closet that are tagged to redo.
What about you? Any re purposing in your sewing repertoire?

Sadly my sister is shoe poor. Her lady-like tootsies are not of ladies' sizes. They're.....large. For a gal that is.Being 6"0 tall and having four kids does have a lot to do with this. So, finding cute sandals or just dressier shoes is the most difficult treasure hunt of the century, not to forget incredibly expensive. Mucho moola!
A little idea, to pretty up some flip flops for my deserving sister, became reality. What do you think? Would you assume that these are men's? Will they pass with a cute summer dress? I'm handing them off tonight. Here's hoping Netta likes them too!
The velvet ribbon is from our grandmother's sewing kit and the sequin trim is leftover from an aunt's treasures. They are both attached by hand. Can I just say I was wishing for glue! Hand sewing with invisible thread can be a little tricky. Slippery...hard to see. Thank goodness for a little patience and a thimble!
Voila! Pretty updated flip flops for my pretty sister.


  1. Love them both! Love the colour and shape of the blouse... red looks awesome on you! And I never would have known those were mens flip flops. The ribbon and "bling" on them make them look very girly. I'm sure she will love it!

  2. Wow, both "creations" look awesome!


  3. OMGosh...I LOVE your sister! I have big feet too! And I loathe shoe shopping. Bleh. But you did cute up those flops! Wonderful idea! And of course the shirt is adorable too!


  4. Love these!! I think we need to start a craft night (complete with the bottle of wine or other beverages in the craft bag). A lil girl time is always good. =)

  5. By the way, my sister loved her girlie flip flops....and they fit perfectly...and are comfy! Wuhoo!!! That's a big deal for someone with a men's size 13 foot!

    Mrs. H....I would TOTALLY be up for a crafting night...every couple of weeks...with wine (not whine!)...chance to visit,laugh, complete unfinished projects, etc. Count me in! (Uh....not painting toe nails, right?)