Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just Another Day...

Today was a "home day", much to W's chagrin. The poor child is in with drawls from school and all his friends.
These little kiddos of mine who are still recuperating, are in that middle stage of still not a %100 well and not quite as sick. That stage where they manage to drive me just a little bonkers.
Some of the highlights are....
  • Bup getting many "Big Time Outs!" for throwing everything including a mirror down the stairs. Bad luck for him until he's 10!
  • Getting stuck...3 times...with his little naked bum, scooting around the outside of the railing on the deck. "Mom. MAWWWMMM! I stuck!"
  • Naked wrestling. Both boys. Naked waiting for me to read to them. Naked after getting all wet outside. Wrestling on the couch with W cheering, "It's the naked brothers! Naked!"(And no I did not take pictures....my FH thought I should have!)
  • It took me until 11am to eat a Greek salad for breakfast due to constant interruptions and demands. "Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. MOM!!" Of course I fed them first thing! What kind of mom do you take me for? They didn't wait until 11am for breakfast.
  • Speaking with my favorite MIL...for about 10 minutes...burned the bacon for dinner, turned to see the boys sitting at the table....W was drinking from a crystal hurricane candle holder, juice container on the table beside him, and Bup was drinking from a crystal bud vase. Both items they had absconded from the side-board.
  • Bup gave himself a "big-time-out" at dinner because he didn't want to eat his salad. So, off he goes to sit on the stairs and announces he's having a "big-time-out"!
Tonight, I escaped to my sister's for an evening chat and left my poor husband to single parent. Relaying all this to my sister, a mother of four kids, she is laughing out loud, her husband is smirking...and they tell me, "It's all normal. Just a regular stuff."

So, there ya have it. Just another day in the RWB household. How was your Tuesday? Regular too?


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day to me. Sorry about the bacon!

  2. Glad to see you are back adding comments! I've missed you.

  3. Shew...I am NOT alone! ;)