Friday, September 3, 2010


As I write this my hair is uncombed, sticking out like a short version of Medusa with the back of her head flat. I am wearing jeans and a plaid shirt. The boys are outside playing with giant bubbles and the breakfast dishes are sitting beside me on the table.

"Mom I want you to be fancy.
Wear a fancy dress,
make up,
maybe a fancy hat,
and fancy underwear.
Bahaha....oh! You don't have fancy underwear!"

"I love it when you're beautiful Mom and wear fancy things." Says my W as he strokes my cheek and looks into my eyes while almost nose to nose.

"Do you know Fancy Nancy? You can look like her." little boy wants me to be beautiful. It's too cute and too funny and too sweet. His sweetness and requests make me want to put on a circle skirt, big belt, fitted shirt, bright red lipstick and wear a bow in my hair. Vintage Housewife-ish. {image courtesy of The Vintage Housewife}

He warms my heart.

Do you think he'll notice that I'm nowhere near Fancy this morning? More farmer. Ungroomed farmer. Definitely not Mink and Manure farmer.

I''ll leave you with that....Mink and Manure.


  1. Bahahahahah.....I sooooo do not fit in HIS version either! I'm in comfy green cutoff pants that soooo show my 'not so fancy' undies, with a shirt that doesn't match the pants either! It's comfy and it's staying. The flip flops on my feet scream, "I really don't care today".

    As for the housewife I saw the link and a dreaming male chauvinist put that together and it does not exist! Bet that started a revolt....


  2. SOOOO sweet! I love that my kids still think I'm beautiful. Bristel even told me so while we were playing fairies in the shower today.



  3. It is not what you wear or how fancy you look on the outside - it is what is inside that makes you so beautiful. That is the "FANCY" that your kids recoginize every day.

  4. Here, Here, GramODoe! All of my boys find the most fitting moments to tell me I am beautiful when I know I am at my worst!
    Have a wonderful week Mrs.M!