Saturday, September 11, 2010


Little Boy's Blue prescription eyeglasses.
Perfect condition.
Finger prints on lenses can be wiped off with appropriate cloth.
Last seen??? Possibly in" the laundry room. In the pants."
Missing one week now.
Reward is a Big Date. Will include ice cream & play at McDonald's.

Glasses found. Buried in the sand box.
Found by Gram Oh Doe & Bup.
Big Date enjoyed by Gram, Bup and Me.


  1. And Mrs. M, what are you up for on this nice clear crisp evening? Me, I just can't sleep!

    On a better note, those stinking glasses haven't been found? Might have to put some more thought into it, or maybe you better anty up, perhaps he is bored with the same ol date stuff and needs to be better inspired. If he helps you find them I will bake him muffins! How that? I know his weakness!!! Lol! Well, it is after all after 4am, maybe I should try sleep yet again!


  2. W and I were up as he was in tears due to his ear hurting. A little tylenol, ear drops and a warm rice puppy to lay his ear on, watched Ice Age and just off to sleep when Bup woke up and only wanted his mom.
    It's one of those nights.

  3. Why do they only ever want their Mom???