Saturday, September 25, 2010


Do you believe?
In spirits that visit?
A presence?

Nope, Halloween is not on my mind. Well, that's not true it is....thanks to a certain friend and her Halloween issue of Living....but not for this post.

When I was a child and an unexpected noise in the house would take place, like doors creaking or things falling off the counter or table unexpectedly, my parents would always say, "Spooks in the house." I thought nothing of it. It was just a saying.

But now.....

I think more of it.

And I believe.

There are often unexplained...well anything can be explained if you really want to....happenings at our house. Little things.

Such as while I was writing an email just prior to this post. At the moment our home is quiet. The boys are having their Saturday afternoon naps, my favorite husband has sweetly gone off to "the bread store" where we buy bread in bulk...sliced bread. I am sitting in the beautiful quiet, sending off an email or two when what do I hear....

"Three little friends went out to see just how big the world could be, looking high and looking low, round and round the world they go, with lots of animals big and small" This song playing loudly from Man's World. My first thought is, " that you? It must be J." I go to the steps and there sits the Leapfrog globe, now quiet, not singing any longer. Nothing was touching it. The boys are asleep.

These things happen quite often here. Lights are turned on and off. Toys are turned on and off. Decorative displays are knocked off the fireplace mantel. Even the TV has gone on and off.

I'm sure the scientific side of all of us could explain these. But I don't think that's right. Some times the timing is just too coincidental. Like when I was writing Christmas cards to my brother's old friends....and everything was knocked off the mantle. Like when I was yelling at the boys....and the lights went out and a toy came on.

Which makes me think..."Okay, okay, I get it. You're here. Stop goofing around and help me then."

Crazy....maybe? All hyped up over Halloween. Nope, this is year round. Read to much Sylvia Browne? Maybe...

So, there ya have it. Spooks are in the howse!

And now...what about you? Do you believe?


  1. We had the same leapfrog toy, and it would do that if the floor moved at all, usually at 2 am feeding for newborn as i was walking by K's room. Drove me crazy, but it also meant the batteries were getting low!


  2. I absolutely do believe! I've had too many strange and unexplained things that happened in my life as well, to not believe. Toys would also turn on for no apparent reason. But since we moved to our new home 2 years ago and I felt more comfortable there, more at peace, it seems to have stopped... and I'm OK with that, lol.

    And I think Sylvia Browne is too interesting NOT to read :)

    Hopefully the spooks get out of da howse soon! ;)

  3. Spooks are not BAD! As a kid we lived in an old house - that was protected by Old Mrs Stratte - an elderly lady that had passed away in the house back in the 30's. She patrolled the house on a regular basis. We could hear her walking down the stairs from the top floor - go and look and no one was there. Or a tap on the wall or something strangely moved in the kitchen. We could FEEL her presence - but we did not fear her. Just an old soul who still wanted a place on earth and her mission was not yet complete! When we moved out of the house - I actually felt sorry to leave her on her own. I was just a kid and I believed then and I still believe now. The house is still standing and I wonder if she still walks the stairs! Oh my God - I hope you don't think your favorite mother in law is NUTS!

  4. I believe but sometimes I don't want to, cause if I think about it too much I can creep myself out. My last house was rather spooky, this one not so much.

    I would hear my name called often, doors would just open, then there was feelings of a presence. There were the phantom baby cries, and while wide awake and completely lucid, I was putting my youngest to bed and I heard "I Hate you mommy." I thought it was my eldest because we had a disagreement and he was sent to bed early. I immediately turned around and said my sons name but no one was there. I checked on all the people and they were sleeping. Needless to say I walked swiftly to my bed pulled up the covers and lie awake for several hours.

  5. @Alyson'sWonderland.....that is creepy! I don't know how I would handle that one either. Glad your new house doesn't have those visitors!
    @Gram Oh Doe...not NUTS at all!!! Thanks for I feel NORMAL!:)
    @EVERYONE ELSE....thanks for sharing with me!!

  6. Oooooo, you gave me goosebumps! I'm soooo a believer, although when things unexplained happen at our house, I tend to repeat over and over in my head that I am not!


  7. Oh good lord - thought to myself, oh, I should catch up with Mrs. M before I download and update my blog and I read these posts.......frig! YOU have a ghost, spirit or spook!!!! I can't take it and am freaked that I read this all right before I am to pack it in for the night! I can't hardly go to the basement at night - was never good in the dark. I may have to move if something moved in. If our freezer was still in my basement, we may all become vegetarians - thank goodness for all, the freezer fits in the garage!

    For the record, I could pass on Halloween too!

  8. Mrs.'re safe! Sometimes I really don't like our basement too...even though it's finished and all...I still want all the lights on.
    You're funny! Halloween is the best holiday! Just make it creepy in a good mice and crows and spiders and such, not scary, gory and all.
    If we lived in V, we wouldn't trick you! Just treats!