Friday, September 10, 2010

VBS Baobob Blast

The Baobob Blast Vacation Bible School in August was a mixed blessing for our boys.
W loved it! Not only did he have fun, but a little buddy was in his class too. W learned to play musical chairs, play an instrument, and learned about "Joseph and his brothers dipped his coat in blood." Talk about capturing a boy's attention...Bible Stories! Some of them are pretty violent, gory, and action packed when you get right down to it and this appeals to most little boys. Good guys vs. the Bad Guys. David and Goliath, etc.
Traditionally the end of session program is a hard one for W. To stay focussed with the group, and stay with the class is hard and sometimes impossible. This was the exception!!! W participated in the recital/program at the end of the week. I am still so so SO PROUD of him!

Bup. Well, it was a learning experience for R. There were a lot of tears. Every morning when I left he cried, but it got better as the week went on. Especially because big brother W was there to help. As I would go the two of them would be side by side on the pew, with W holding R's hand while R struggled to keep his tears in check. Poor fella. He learned that Mom always, always comes back. "But I sad Mom."
He's a crier, this one.
On a good note, he loved showing off the crafts he made and beating his little coffee can drum.

A definite do-again next summer!

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  1. Oh so cute! It's great to have a brother, isn't it?! At least sometimes... ;)