Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back Ache

My back is a mess. Has been for years now. Which is wild to believe when I really think about it, but it is years, since W was born. Maybe it was the back labor? Maybe it was the two epidurals? Who knows....

It's been getting considerably worse this year. More flare ups. More severe. Quite debilitating. Even a trip to Urgent Care for some lovely Toradol once.

Maybe it's because I'm a 100lbs overweight? Core strength? Ha!

Well, this Friday I am finally going for xrays and then making a plan.Rather than just hit and miss massage or chiro or the very rare physio. In the mean time, I purchased a lovely, cushy body pillow to sleep with, between my knees, 'cause that's supposed to help one's back. To which my husband said about the body pillow,

"What's with putting the Berlin Wall back up?"


  1. Oh Brad!


    Perhaps your time has come, to worry about yourself!

  2. Mine is definitely connected to the girls. I've been lusting after a reduction for YEARS!

    Speaking of which...

    I was wearing a button down today. Trevy pulled it open...looked inside...and said HI!!!! embarrassingly enthusiastically!


  3. lol!!! Oh Danielle! That is so funny! Bup often sticks his hand down the front of my shirt and in a demonic voice says, "Pocket!"
    Me..."Oh Brad!" is right!

  4. At our house when one of us puts the pillows up we call it the Great Wall of China. The body pillow works amazing for the back, and lets face it--it can be put to good creativity in the bedroom--especially if you are short (sorry, I know too much information). Oh well, hope to give you a laugh. Take care of yourself--for sure girl, it is ok to actually think about your own needs once in awhile, You know, how you tell me. You are pretty special to a ton of people, so don't doubt your value.
    Take Care

  5. You did make me laugh!! You nutter!:)
    I love you Teri-Beri. Always.