Monday, September 20, 2010

I Want A Cat

In a previous life I had the best cat. The most loviest, purring, sweetest, toothless cat.
*sigh* But I traded him in for a husband. Seriously.:)

Tonight while perusing inter-blogging friends' blogs, what do I see but a little grey mouse climb into our fireplace!!!!! The little jerk. He keeps peeking out at me.

I wish I had a cat!!

So, as every strong woman would do, I put on my black and pink rain boots, marched out to the garage and told my sweet husband that there are mice in our house.

He's on his way to purchase traps. It's 10pm here.

I wish Petland was open.
I want a cat!

Mouse-Mission Update
This morning two of the little rodents have been caught.
Hot damn & hallelujah!
Poor W though....he sat at the deck doors, staring out the window at the trap talking to the mouse. Not THAT morbid everyone! It's one of those trap them alive traps, with a glass window on the top which is why W could see the little rodent in there....enjoying his new condo. Gah! It's my favorite husband's job to "set him free".
The one caught in the fire place? That happened before W & I started our day and thankfully it was not a humane trap. The peeping mouser....fixed his little red wagon.
Hopefully, his buddies got the message and have not moved in.


  1. This post made me laugh. I thought you put your rain boots on to attack the mouse or try to catch it, not go warn your hubby, lol.

    I also miss having a cat.

  2. I have a box of traps also purchased late at night, when Walmart was open 24 hours, like at 1or 2 am. Yuck! And if I wasn't allergic to the cat, I would have one too! I will bring the black sticky pads over, cause in my world there is not enough traps to catch them, no need to return used traps, just catch and toss everything is my moto. My little secret, I put them out to freeze (read vindictive) before putting in not large enough garbage bag for garbage man! Bet all their little friends go running from the house after watching that revenge tactic.

    Some days I hate living so close to nature that they feel the need to move into my house! I would offer my sub woofer mouse deterant but it is in use, and I am not parting with it! But I will gladly go buy you one if you like! (as I correct some spelling, I am inspired by this idea to present one as a gag gift for some reason, although not to you) lol!

    Hhhheeeeyyy, just thought of this, we should see if anyone rents out cats........I am sure for a price! It isn't it????

    (and it is early and I am having coffee, that is my excuse). I should start blogging, or maybe.....get some sleep....

  3. Ordinarily I am NOT a cat fan. But even less of a mouse fan. So my vote is with you on this one! Not that your trade in will give my two cents any value. But I tried?!


  4. We have a cat, quite a vicious one when she wants to be, and she hates catching mice in the house. Give her one outside where she can pounce and play with it, she's in heaven. In the house when there is so many better things to do, like sleep or eat and she's just not interested. If we ever get an investation, I may need to borrow some of your late night traps!!

    Hope you caught the little sucker,


  5. You make me want to pee.....the jerk comment did it to me!!! Bahahah!
    I hear you though Mrs M......mice are rotten, sneakin, stinkin things! I think Mickey would be scared of a mouse.....keep us posted. My sweet hubby wouldn't sleep until it was dead, he would stake out the fireplace and wait patiently.....hour after hour!

  6. Thank you my mouse hating friends!
    I've loved all your comments and support.
    Many hugs,
    Mrs. M