Friday, September 10, 2010

Magic, rainy camping

Ah, the last long weekend of summer. Often, signals the end of season. The end of camping and on to new Autumnal adventures.

This camp out was the FIRST
time we have camped just as our little family, with no friends or family joining us. It was FANTASTIC!! I love camping with friends. However, to spend three full days with each other on a happy, slow paced, outdoor adventure was beautiful.

First there was the sunshine which brought magic.
Richard Young the Magician to be exact.
W and I took in the show while R slept at the trailer with
Daddio. The sun shone while W and I sat in our comfy chairs and laughed, oo'ed and aahh'ed with the other guests. Mr. Magician was truly magical. W was thrilled to be a magician's helped. I was the proud mom in the crowd snapping pictures like crazy and just shocked that my W sat through the whole show, with some wiggling on my lap, a little cut on his finger that needed a bandaid...from a pop can...keep your finger out!....and then there was the chance to pet Archie the Duck (dove). How cute is W standing there, waiting to pet the dove, holding his finger out for Archie to perch on?!
Bup he enjoyed the chokecherry bushes that were beside our trailer.After one lovely day of sunshine, the magic turned to
It rained and rained for 24 hrs. We enjoyed the quiet, the naps and the walk in our rain gear. Exploring the campground, following the river, throwing rocks into it, and finding treasure. An old pin/button is Bup's found "treasure".

We all enjoyed each other.

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  1. It's exciting to see some of the changes in our 'little' guys who aren't so little any more. So much to be proud of.
    You're awesome for going camping. I applaud you!
    And we miss you guys xo