Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pretending...a Rant

I hate pretending.
I used to hate confrontation....and still do....but pretending is worse.
Pretending that feelings aren't there....that everything is alright...that everyone likes each other....that I'm a happy calm parent....that, that, that....I could go on and on and on.

How does it benefit anyone in the long run? Stuffing feelings, emotions, ideas inside. They all come eventually in one way or another. Some come out in the size of my butt! Emotional eating.
Maybe a distant attitude. Smile, nod, say hi and walk the other way. Gaggghhh!

So, I'm not doing it anymore. About anything.
Might make me a little punchy, even more b*#$!@! in some people's opinions. Oh well. I guess I've just jumped on the honesty train.

Who knows how this will affect this blog. Maybe it won't. Maybe there'll be less posts...more....???

On the realism approach, what do you NOT pretend about? What are you real about, that maybe others in your life are not?


  1. Soooo, you need a coffee??? I see now why you are decluttering because it is the same reason I am cleaning....


  2. I need an espresso with baileys!

  3. I don't pretend my life is perfect. It is what it is. Overall I'm a happy go lucky gal enthusiastic about life but sometimes I feel like things just aren't going according to plan and I cry.
    I have low tolerance for people that are bullies and don't think there should be consequences. That goes for kids and adults, but particularly adults.
    I don't like high school drama at this point in my life.
    My life is dramatic enough - have you met my kids? And Aaron - he's pure entertainment let me tell you!
    Pretending is tough, I find myself more resentful that people can be cruel towards me in their words yet still believe they deserve my friendship. I just can't excuse bullies.
    I think I need an espresso with bailey's that sounded yummy. My aunt swears by Malibu in hot chocolate...maybe I'll give that a shot. If it's good I'll report back to you :o)

  4. Better out than in, I say!
    Or better to disengage than engage....sometimes it is so much easier to not say anything than say something just to be nice, when you would rather eat worms.
    Who do we need to impress at this age. We know who we can count on, rely on, vent to, cry to, laugh with about our flaws and the flaws of others in secrecy....we know.
    The world feels so much lighter if we do not carry it on one hip while we carry the kids on the other! Have a great week!

  5. I am a firm believer of the honesty train...I try to always be driving the kaboose! I like to think what you see is what you get...I am not about to pretend for anyone...I work in an environment of constant fact it plagues the neighbourhood that I live in...there is nothing I hate more then people gossiping about me and things I may or may not have said...believe me, if you wonder what I am thinking or what I may have said, just ask, I'll tell you! Honesty is always the best policy...and don't keep it in....the people causing it are not usually worth all the turmoil that it cuases in our brains! I will have to try the malibu in the hot chocolate, but might I suggest butter ripple in your tea? let it out sista...and I am only a phone call away :)

  6. YOU WANT THE TRUTH? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!! - Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men

    Makes me laugh! But it sure feels that way at times. Like you want to scream from the rooftops.
    I don't think I'm a super-open type person (unless we're super-friends!). But I sometimes dream about it. Kind of like that movie, um The Invention of Lying, I think. Just let it all out.
    I'm sure I'd have less stomach aches if I did...!

  7. I want to be on the honesty train. And I've been known to hop on it.

    But I think I'm Wired to slowly sneak back off. Because suddenly I'll find myself back in the People Pleaser jungle...watching the Honesty Train making tracks away!

    I try to remember to "detox" every now and then. You know...before I blow! ;)

    Anyway...all that to say I'm with you. But easier said than done!


    ps. the puppy is having much fun slinging chewlery around the yard!

  8. Thanks my girlies!
    I needed all your words of wit, wisdom and encouragement.
    Thank you,
    thank you,
    thank you.

    It also reminds me of...
    Are you crying?!
    There's no CRYING in baseball!!!"
    Tom Hanks A League of Their Own.

  9. I am a firm believer of "NO PRETENDING" - bit me in the butt recently but it was for the best and hopefully the outcome will be wonderful!
    I see no use in pretending life is perfect and putting on a happy face. If that makes me bitchy then "so be it" I say.
    I think if you feel it needs to be said, say it - you'll feel better and that is most important.

    Have a wonderful day,