Saturday, September 18, 2010


With children there are always firsts.
First full night of sleep.
First steps.
Firsts, firsts....and now, the first day of kindergarten and preschool.

The boys are enjoying their first week of school. Of course, it's not without it's trials.
Both boys are so tired! Wuhoo! I love that they are in bed early and sleeping a good 12-13 hrs until 7am!!! Hallelujah.

Bup is learning how to listen to someone other than his parents. He's loving the play kitchen, all other stations and really....snack time!

W who loves to learn, thrives on it, is adjusting well. He is in a small class, 4 & 4. We walk to school. He gets on well with his new SNA and is winning hearts in the classroom.

There were no tears on anyone's part. Just smiles, and being called back so that I could beg for a kiss!


  1. Forgot to sign it...Me

  2. See wasn't all that hard work over the last couple of years worth it??? They are happy boys well on their way to making new friends away from us, and they can survive without us for a couple of hours! I call it an accomplishment! (showing my optimism) can we have coffee sometime now? And take a break for us, you know the other people in the house that keep it all looking smooth and unruffled! Let's call it, hhhmmm, gravy time!

  3. So glad to hear they are loving it! Ashton started K too, and he loves it, though he's been pretty tired. Which means that all the getting out of bed 100 times per evening and not falling asleep for about 2 hours are now over. This is what started happening in May, when he was done Pre-K. Within his first week of school, he's been asleep by about 7:30, which means I finally have some ME time in the evenings again. Ahhh... life is finally back to normal. Well, kinda :)

  4. I just wanted to say "Hi"! Glad to hear all is going well and as you know, I don't pretend about ANYTHING. It has maybe been hard on others at times, but I always feel true to who I am. It is nicer now though, cause before my honesty was not so kind. At the place I am in my life however, my form of honesty has become much gentler, and even on the side of encouraging. I feel that you too are at that place, so be honest, there is nothing like it! Give hugs to all three boys from us.

  5. Oh you know I love it!! High fives all around.

    And don't we all like each other more when we get to miss each other a bit? (moms and kids).

    Love the happy faces.