Monday, October 4, 2010

Miss Tina the Greyhound

Introducing our new addition. Finally a girl in the RWB household! Miss Tina, the Greyhound.
She's a lovely little thing. So sweet, gentle and still a little shy. She's probably wondering why she left the track in Oklahoma to end up in this noisy house with two rambunctious little boys!

I've been "secretly" wanting a dog for my W. He is just so amazing with animals and has been begging for a black and white dog named Charlie for at least a year now. But, sigh, my sweet husband was not interested, with good reason, in having a big dog in the city.

Now, my favorite husband Mr. B, has loved and admired Greyhounds for years, ever since meeting one when he lived in Nova Scotia. Then one day recently, he started looking on line at Chinook Winds again and talking as if we would get one!!!! So exciting!!! ~ W keeps saying, "I didn't know I could get a dog!"

Here, we are, day one with Tina. This is her given name and we have a list of possible new names, but I don't know if we'll change it. The boys seem to be happy with Tina. My niece who is also Tina, may not be!:)

So, this little girlie is just tiny at 54lbs, is so sweet and kind, gentle, loves her walks, and is adjusting well. It's amazing how a strictly crated, racing dog can adjust so well to pet life. They are extremely low energy, docile and adaptable. Just what we need!


  1. Hahaha, as I read, i am thinking that is just what I need, I was thinking of trading The boys in now! Lol! She does look lovely. Is she hypoallergenic? Off for a run in the corn maze! Are we getting together this aft?


  2. Greyhounds are supposed to be hypoallergenic. We'll see....I'm interested to see how or if she affects you and my niece.

    Once she's all settled in you and the boys will have to come over.

    We are coming this aft. See you at 345ish!

  3. Oh HOORAY! Now I don't have to suffer through my "I hate this dog" moments alone! No worries...there are plenty of I "love this dog" moments too. :)

    And your hair!!!!!!!!! SO sexy! Love it!


  4. Danielle, you're hilarious! I know I too will have a jeckle & hyde relationship with this dog. It's just a given. So far so good is early times.
    My hair? Ha! Thank you...but talk about bed head extraordinare!
    You're a doll Danielle!

  5. Awe, she looks really sweet! I like her already ;)

  6. What a beauty! I miss having a dog but we're just not ready yet.

    And your hair?!? Love!!! It's super sexy!