Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Pumpkin lit....check!
Decorations up...check!
Kid approved treats by the door....check! check!
Complete meltdown of 5 yr old and the mother....check!
3yr old refusing to wear cutest Dash costume....check! check!
My favorite husband dressed in Oilers gear....double check!
Dog ate the feather boa off my witch costume....check again!!
Husband taking kiddos trick or treating....check!
Cold bevy poured for moi.....check!

Enjoy this Spooookalicious evening. Wahahahahah!!


  1. Oh dear! Sounds like a interesting night for sure! Aren't you glad Halloween only comes once a year!

    Hope today went better.


  2. Isn't it funny how with everything going on it's still a typical day! Good times and difficult times, cuteness and frustration and fun. Love your witchyness!