Monday, October 25, 2010

Treasure Hunt

Monday morning and there is snow on the ground. I really wanted to sleep until 10. (Bahahah!!! So funny!) Sometimes, Monday mornings are a little trying. The weekend is over. My favorite husband is back to work.'s just the pressure...knowledge of the busy-ness of another week that slows me down first thing on a Monday morning.

Today was the same as all others. Except for the snow and an early morning blissful bubble bath during which no boys came in asking to join me. Wuhoo! How did I manage that? W was tucked into my bed watching Star Wars lego movies on You tube and Bup was in the living room watching Finding Nemo. Hello! Here I come bath tub!

Afterwards the boys had much needed hair cuts. I have been cutting their hair lately and it was "ok" but time for a professional do. Which is really funny when you see Bup's hair! He is a delight at the salon. Really. I sit with him on my knee, cross my legs over top his, wrap both my arms around him and hold on for dear life! He SCREAMS at the top of his lungs as he sobs and struggles, yells "THIS IS STUPID!", while the stylist just buzzes his thick, thick hair off. It's the only way now! He used to cry the whole time but there is no sitting and the screams are murderous. This child is so stubborn and HATES having anything done to him. Wiping his nose? It's kinda the same routine. So, it's a buzz cut for him and really I could do that at home if someone would just hold him down!
Afterwards, we came home for the boys to enjoy a Treasure Hunt while I prepared lunch. They loved the Treasure Box!

The decorative box is filled with dry macaroni, popcorn, rice and lentils. Hidden in the bottom are tiny toys....letter beads, animals, sea creatures, baby bottles, babies, sea shells, buttons, and any other tiny item of interest I could find.

A great sensory activity. A great way to keep them pre-occupied for at least15 minutes. Clean and inexpensive too! They liked it so much that W has asked if his friends could come over and play with the Treasure Box and Bup has asked again to play with it. Poor fella had to nap instead!
What interests me? The way the boys "organize" their treasures.

Bup is showing linear tendencies like his dad! All his butterflies lined up. All his shells grouped together and he fed the tiny naked baby her tiny bottle. Also, at first Bup would bury his hand in, come out with nothing and say, "I can't do it, Mom."

W? All grouped in a large pile. The faster he could find them the better!

And's time to wake Sir Bup in order to retrieve W from kindergarten. Once home, the Treasure Box will be opened again.


  1. I can't relate to the hatred of haircuts, Alex BEGS to get haircuts. I think HAIRCUT = LOLLIPOP is the real reason and not that the sound of his hair growing annoys him.

    Mom and I are making Eye Spy bags similar to the Treaure Box idea for the dayhome kids for Christmas this year. Lovely idea to use a box so they can actually manipulate their treasures!

  2. I am amused as much by your day as feeling sorry for R's outburst! The poor thing just keeps getting sucker punched by everyone! And by sucker punched I mean you take me to the doctor and they poke me, they put things in my nose, put me to sleep and I wake up sore, oh and then you don't feed me, and you take me to get my haircut, my hair CUT, with scissors and a really sharp noisy machine. You people just leave me alone!

    Really I do feel sorry for the little guy, but he started far too young and everyone always has a smile on their face before they attack me! Don't you see it, they are out to get me!

    Me thinks he may be the type of guy that lives by himself and grows his hair long.

    Great idea on the treasure hunt chest! 15 minutes would be wonderful. I am waiting on the clinic to call me back to say they have space tonight. k has had Tylenol or anvil here and there and a sore throat here and there and a fever here and there for like almost a week, and I can't stand it anymore. The boy LOVES garlic pizza, took one look at it last night and said no, I don't think so! Should be a pretty good sign eh?

  3. The treasure box is a wonderful idea. Isn't it funny how they have such different ways of doing things. One piles, the other lines the treasures up. I love watching my boys evolve into their own little beings.

    Hope you have a great week.


  4. Yeah, the treasure box is cool!

    B still wails and cries when I cut his hair too. What is with that??!!! Bawling his head off. WHAT??!!

  5. SNOW?!?!?!?!

    And I loooooove watching each unique personality blossom. Good thing we made sure we can't have any more!