Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Double Surgery Day

What a day!
What a trooper our Bup is!
It was surgery day...and oh, how I hope it's the last one....EVER!

Yes the surgeries were minor, adenoidectomy and hypospadias repair (thankfully a minor repair), however, it's still terribly hard to see your little one terrified and hurting.

R was a certifiable mess. In need of a tranquilizer before even entering pre-op. He was so distress over changing into the hospital jammies and the name tag....psycho!! It took everything for B and I to hold him in our arms without him throwing himself to the floor and ripping his pj pants off as well as the ankle-tag. Which he tried to do in pre-op, so I just removed it myself.
He woke up from the anesthetic in the same state, ripping his IV out, to which I instructed the nurse to remove it and I would get fluids into him myself.

It took a while for this naked little man to settle in my arms with his "kiki" and bottle. There was NO WAY a hospital blanket was even grazing his body. So, after an hour and a half, the fighting and sobs subsided to whimpering and staying in my arms.

In the mean time, B made a trip to Neurology to discuss the mix up on his latest med renewal only to find out it's quite possibly the Keppra which has turned our sweet little Bup into a defiant, contrary boy. Bup is still experiencing "wiggly hand" seizures so the Trileptal has been increased. What to do about the Keppra side effects? I don't know yet.

Next, our Neurologist Dr. M is leaving town at the end of the month. Heading east to Halifax, NS.


No replacement Neurologist as of yet. Just on the docket....whatever on-call Neurologist happens to be working.
Lovely transition plan that our health system utilizes. Just a little bit p!$$#@, but trying to let it go for today because we all made it through a rough day.

Now, the rest of this week will focus on healing and getting Bup ready to pee on his own, breathe through his nose, and return to pre-school & gymnastics...happily!


  1. Well then, after all that wasn't it a total relief to hear that Warner had an"awesome" day all around? Hugs and smushy kisses to Rhett, when he is up for it, I will make him some muffins at my house! How about some "pizza"? That is on the menu for today!

    Without the husband and with the help of the boys after school...on our three days alone...check on us...God better be watching out for me...extravaganza at the Appel household!...


  2. It sounds like one heck of a day! I can't even begin to imagine how scary hospitals can be for little kids. Hope Bup feels better and gets back to his activity soon.

    Hugs to you and your family :)
    Stephanie xx

  3. Oh what a long day, and what a relief to have it behind you!
    hmmm...peeing and breathing through the nose are things we usually take for granted. Good for Mr. Bup.
    He'll be feeling better in no time!

    hugs to our little friends and you!

  4. Hospitals can be scary for kids and Mommies and Daddies. Glad you had B to be there with you for support.
    Hope the little man has a speedy recovery. Hugs to Mom and Dad.


  5. Oh Mrs. M I wish I would have read your post last week! I'm always a little behind.

    Payten has had countless surgeries already. They never get easier. Payten is even getting to the point where she freaks out even when just attending a regular office visit with a dr. Do your kids do this too? She's just tired of always being poked and prodded.

    Keppra: we had a nickname for this one. I called it the devil medicine! It turned my sweet happy little girl into the devil! It was horrible. It never helped her seizures so fortunately Pay was only on that one for a short time. I have heard many people who had no problems with this medicine but we were not so lucky!

    Trileptal: Payten has been on this one for 2 yrs. I have never noticed any side effects from it but it did take us a long time for us to find the right dose. Recently, Payten has had a few seizure like episodes :( Looks like we'll be back to the drawing board again as well.

    I will say this though- Payten had her adenoids & tonsils removed 1 yr ago as the result of sleep apnea. Apparently she wasn't breathing right, which meant she wasn't sleeping right. 1 month after her surgery was when her seizures finally stopped (without any change in medication) More sleep & no seizures? Coincidence? My suspicions say it's not!!

    I hope Bup is feeling better, breathing better & having no more "tingling arms." Good luck finding a new Dr. Nuero. I feel your frustration!

  6. poor bup. I hate it when the littles have to go through these things. Its so hard to watch, even though its necessary. Here is to a quick recovery for Bup and less stress for you guys.