Sunday, October 24, 2010

Life with a Dog

We are still adjusting to life with a dog. However, it's gone quite well all things considering.
She has only had two "accidents" in the house, both of which my darling husband cleaned up. Ya gotta love him for that alone!
Miss Tina is more and more accepting of the boys and quite loves when they give her belly rubs. Well, lets be real here. Bup YELLS that she wants a belly rub but won't give her one and W is more than happy to rub her bare, skinny belly.
The downside of living with a greyhound....besides, being the fat chick walking a skinny dog....well, to put it lightly....
This dog has the smelliest bodily functions...gas...toots.."EEEWWWWW you fooooted!!!" as Bup says. UGH! I can hardly stand it. It's nauseating.
I thought living with three "boys" and their bodily functions was bad...ya know, R announcing that he had a "BIG HOT DOG POOP!" at dinner to guests....but this is gag-me-with-spoon type of stuff.
Must sign off.
Must find gas mask.

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  1. Too funny! You crack me up. Better ask for a gas mask from Santa!