Sunday, October 10, 2010

Little Family Thanksgiving

Our little RWB family enjoying
a quiet Thanksgiving at home today. Probably the first one ever where it was just us or that we weren't on the go. Beautiful.

Don't get me wrong, it's always fun with others, and I will quite enjoy dinner at my sister's tomorrow, but the more relaxed pace is lovely.

W and I made hand print turkey pictures and wrote what we are thankful for on the bottom.
He's thankful for toys.

At dinner, Bup was finally up as he slept the whole day away because he was up all night ready top play...anyway, at dinner we gave a thanksgiving toast at the beginning of the meal stating our gratitude & a, B....healthy little family and spending Thanksgiving together.

The boys, B and the dog were way ahead of me and we finally caught up for some rock throwing into the river, playing trains, running on the bridge, smacking into the side of the bridge....oh the tears! Pleas for a trip to McDonald's... a hamburger, boy toy and to play...more tears when that idea was kyboshed...After dinner we went on a Nature Walk by the river as I needed to get some running water shots for photog class.
no more gratitude as the parents are now jerks, saw a family of deer on our path, cried because not allowed to pet the deer, finally in the car and stopping for sugar free slurpees so everyone is happy especially when the sparkles on the car windows were noted. It had begun to rain.

I am thankful that a drink or small snack (NOT from McDs) turns a kid's disposition around. Whew!

And now bedtimes have come and gone with out much fuss....except I think my favorite husband has fallen prey to the child's race car bed and is asleep with him too!

(PS: Notice the "glasses" W found at the river....that the boys are in pjs for dinner?)


  1. What fabulous treasure from the river, yes, I did notice the jammies at dinner, very comfy, but B isn't wearing any??? And of course you are taking the pictures.

    Glad you had a great day, we loved Jasper. We are now home and I imagine you are going to feed Bup anything and everything to see if he won't be hungry in the morning....think it might work?

    Give me a call this morning or afternoon before you leave and let me know the details for tomorrow.


  2. "Jammies at dinner" are the best kind of days! Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. sometimes it's the little things I'm especially thankful easy snack, a no-fuss bedtime, happy play time...!

  4. Hi there found you through wellsphere.

    I'll be back to read some more(: