Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Birds & The Bees for 3s

"That's Mommy!" says Bup while looking at this picture that is posted in our office armoire.
"Yes, that's me and I have a baby in my tummy. (It's Warner...but I didn't tell R that!) And when you were in my tummy to grow and grow we went to the hospital and the doctor took you out of my tummy, then we had baby Bup."

Later that afternoon, Bup and I were driving home from a ketchup run to Planet Organic when we were discussing what our weekly schedule was this week. Which includes a trip to our new Neurologist at Children's Hospital. R loves to go to the "hopital" as he thinks it's a personal play place. You know, with elevators, play areas and a huge aquarium...what 3 yr old wouldn't love it?

Then from the back seat I hear,
"Mommy, when I was tiny you ate me and I grew in your tummy. Then you went to the hopital and the Dr. took me out."

Oh! The perception of a 3 yr old!

Did I correct him? Absolutely not!

Did I laugh out loud? You bet!

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  1. The thought of eating tiny little 'baby seeds' makes me laugh...like those sponge capsules that grow in water. HA!