Saturday, January 8, 2011

Share the Love

Luvin' it! There's a thing or two on my radar these days. Maybe they'll inspire me to create something of my own. Or maybe I'll just continue drooling and dreaming. That's allowed too.
What's on your Luvin' List these days?

Silver baubles. Silpada. Love, love, looooove Silpada! This sweet hammered silver ring is a size 7. It's sparkly and wide and has no nickel in it. Perfection. However, it's too small for me. *sniff*sniff*
What size is your finger?
Cause I'm giving this one away! Just leave a comment or email me with a little info as to why you would love this ring! I'll draw and ship this beauty next Friday Jan 14th. A month before Valentine's. A treat for you!

Now, this is after a girlie-girls heart! If I worked out of the home I would be all over this! As it is, me stomping around the house, in stylin' heels and matching handbag, might be a little over the top. I realize the Fly Lady suggests a gal get dressed to her shoes every morning. Is this what she had in mind? Maybe I can justify a dazzling shoe or two!

Sheet Music. Vintage Books. This creation by Miss Mustard Seed is lovely. All her work is. There is a rectangular lamp in our living room with a plain ole shade that would be happy with a note or two modgepodged on. I think I may start searching for some sheet music.

I love that That's My Letter recovered these wing chairs with a drop cloth! Brilliant. Hmmm...there's a drop cloth in my basement right now. What shall I use it for? Wait a minute! I have 2 boys 5 yrs and under...there shall be no linenesque furniture in this house!

I'm Yours burlap banner by Craftomaniac. Except I think I was dreaming about creating a namesake banner for each boy and hanging them in their rooms.

That's enough luvin' for today!


  1. Thanks so much for the link! I adore those chairs as well. :)

  2. I still love those banners. They just always add color and fun (and are nice and easy!). I must get back to my sewing machine...

    I'm looking for ideas to update our 80's house ;)
    Right now I have a crush on dark greyish walls and faux animal type things. Ummm, yeah...I may need to do some sort of post myself to clarify!

    And your silpada is lovely...I'm sure one of my fingers is a size 7!

    Thanks for the fun ideas.

  3. p.s. ooooooh aaaaaaaahhh shoe dazzle!
    (just had to add that)