Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Talkin' Tuesday

Talking about Health Benefits today.

Now before my American friends and rellies, give me trouble here, I know we in Canada have it really good in regards to health care...in some respects. Health care for all right? And no monthly premiums! (Which I, by the way, think is bloody ridiculous that there are no premiums. No wonder everything is at a deficit! Anyway....) As you all know, this just covers "regular" health care, like doctors visits, and staying in the hospital. That's about it. Prescriptions, alternative health such as physio, naturopath, chiropractic, ambulance trips, dental and vision care are all at an added cost to the individual/family.

We are in the market for a new extended health and dental supplier because my favorite husband recently changed employment positions. So, Beny shopping it is.

Mark that up as frustrating too. Benefits and their suppliers are not new to me as in a previous life, BC (before children), my career was in HR which include benefit management. I know the game. The game keeps changing and getting more ridiculous.

The most frustrating one I heard today is that a supplier that we just left their group plan in the great west out here, and wanted to sign up on an individual basis does NOT cover Pre-Existing Conditions.

Uh...Pre-Existing...like TSC 's requirement of anti-seizure meds.






So, our 3 yr old is being penalized because he was born with a condition.

Well, La -T - Fricken - Da!

Good lord, imagine if we were traditional medicating for W. We know those wouldn't be covered on an individual plan, but as a group/employer, no problem.

This just burns me! I get it. From the insurance providers standpoint. It's all business. All about money.

I also found one provider that only insures up to $1500 per yr in meds. That's their "premiere" plan. What a joke! We spend that in two months.

And I won't even start about the lack of coverage for alternative health. That's a whole other post.

A little Talkin' Tuesday rant. Hopefully tomorrow, I'll have more answers, and a prosperous provider who will accept a little 3 yr old that has no choice but to take nasty anti-seizure meds twice a day.


  1. I'm so bad at this, I hate doing it too. I'm often wondering what to eat at dinner time!
    My fave is spicy sweet potato soup. I love it, but the kids are hit and miss. What can you do?

    I know I should plan more, but it stresses me out to think about all that planning ;)

  2. Ok, this was not post I though I was leaving a comment on, in case you're wondering why it makes no sense...oops! This applies to meal planning.

    On THIS POST, I say it's all shenanigans! Taking care of the little ones should be a priority. As well as preventative, homeopathic care/healing. Why not prevent cancer before it ever needs to be treated? Good luck in your search my friend!