Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year 2011

A New Year.
A new blog.
Sort of. You'll find rwb is much the same style, content and thoughts as 3isperfect. However, I wanted to change the address for several reasons. So, here it is: rwbandme! Makes sense anyway, considering that's who we are.

A New Year. What does this mean to you? Change? Fresh start? Exhaustion after the holidays? Vowing to never do THAT again? Resolutions?

New Year's Day is one of my all time favorite days as it begins with a special breakfast shared with my New Year's Baby of a Sister. She is not my baby sister, but my 9.5 yrs older sister who happens to be a New Year's Baby of years gone by. It is our tradition to have a birthday breakfast date and we have started each calendar year this way for years and years. Ideally it is just the two of us and we are consuming gluttonous amounts of food, sprinkled with conversation and laughter. Some years this included a child or two in a bucket car seat or high chair. Thankfully, we can be completely selfish and go on our own. This year was no different and we gorged on delicious seafood and salad and sweets at a local hotel. Yes this is breakfast! However, we chatted and lost track of time only to find it was 2pm when we finally left our table. We even saw a staff shift change! Which is nothing compared to the years when we have been asked to leave...kindly...because there was a line up and our table was required for other hungry patrons. I kid you not. On more than one occasion in fact.

Resolutions. Yay or nay?
Nay for moi.
And weight loss is not one of them! Not that it isn't on my radar, but it always is a fleeting thought so why make it a resolution per say.
My plans include getting organized. I am so frustrated with not being able to find things, the house being a disaster zone, and too much stuff. I started decluttering by "Kijijiing" in Dec as well as delivering items to Good Will and every time I do laundry (which is not often enough) I pull things from my closet to give away.

Projects....there are many projects in my mind that I would like to complete. Such as this. And knitting. And a Visual Schedule of our household. And writing. And Photography.

Photography...a priority to be made. Even if it means taking a day to go on a photo walk. Now HOW I'm going to make this happen with R & W about? Not sure...but it's a worth a try right?

Honesty and Advocacy....always on the forefront with the family that I have been blessed with. It's bound to stay a priority for years to come. So be prepared to read posts in this area.

So, this is the beginning of my plans.

Hopefully you'll see some interesting changes to this blog in the weeks to come. Certain topics on particular days. Better photos. Continuity. Humor. This blog is personal to me. Private? It's a BLOG, yes, but that doesn't negate the personal nature, private thoughts at times. It's an outlet. And hopefully, for you it's informative and entertaining. As always, I welcome your comments and look forward to them. Keep them coming!

Here we go 2011. Bring it on!


  1. What a wonderful tradition for you and your sister! I hope 2011 is everything you hope for and so much more.
    I do have a resolution....being more positive. I am planning to always try to find the good in things, and when they aren't, well I'll figure that out then!
    Cheers to a new year. Looking forward to sharing it with you.

  2. First I have to say, I loooooove your hair, you look amazing! Sounds like you had the perfect beginning to the new year.

    Wishing you and your family an amazing year to come, filled with health, love and happiness!

  3. Aaaah, love your New Years Day!

    And just go for it all! Love your outlook and goals, and you! I look forward to sharing your journey.