Monday, January 3, 2011

Meals on Monday

Meal Planning.
Planning in general. I am not good at planning. I am a fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal and it gets me into trouble and stressed all the time. Stressed because I'm often behind...only minutes to get us out the door, strongly encouraging the kids to hurry, wishing I was wearing my whistle and wondering what the heck I'm going to feed us. Can you relate?

Last year...for a few months...I had set a very easy meal plan into place to streamline the dinner process. Do you ever find yourself at 4pm wondering what you are going to make for dinner? I certainly do and hate every minute of that. So, our meal plan was:
Mashed Monday - "mashed meat balls", mashed potatoes, veggie side and salad.
Taco Tuesday
What is It Wednesday - left overs
Thursday - hmmm....this was always a bit of Russian Roulette
Fish Fridays - homemade oven fried fish (usually cod) and oven fries

This year will very similar although there are a few tweaks.
Mashed Monday
Taco Tuesday - vegetarian style using the 7 Secrets Cookbook
Wednesday - Beef & Walnut Stirfry from Tosca Reno's Clean Eating
Thursday - Sweet Potato Patties - Clean Eating again
Fish Friday - Fish & Chips again

Clean eating, GFCF, dye free, preservative free, sugar free and aspartame free. What's left? Lotsa good stuff. Just takes effort....PLANNING. (Ugh.) You can do it!

Also, alternating a vegetarian days as well. Which is easy for me however I am always looking for additional protein options for W. Any ideas?

Lunches...Breakfasts....there's gotta be some muffins in our future, maybe a strata and a crockpot meal that will be utilized for lunches. Chili...mmmmm.. Streamline. Hearty. Tasty.

Do you meal plan? Do you have easy favorites that you serve weekly? Is there a cookbook or website that is a standby for you?

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  1. Mrs. the Eat Clean cookbook there is a Sweet Potato Salad with Exotic Spice mix that is absolutely sinful...super yummy! I bet your kids would like it too! It's served warm. It may be in the Family Cookbook I lent you if not, I can email you the recipe.