Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Candid Camera Marathon

Luvin' our Daddio for some post-bath, pre-bedtime hugs.

The boys are gearing up for Halloween. We are entertained by our very own "Harry Potter" and Space Man Bup.
W doesn't even know who Harry Potter is other than he must be a bad guy since we won't let him watch the movies.
"Super Harry Potter!"

THIS is what happens when I am on the phone....for 5 minutes. Seriously! Now you understand why voicemail is the best invention ever?!? Just an example of what happens during our "witching hour" ...I attempt to leave a message and the kids turn into mountain goats!

Note to all you GF bread bakers....do NOT attempt to use pea flour. I made the most disgusting bread ever...as is indicated by my favorite husband's face. The smell itself was...gag-a-riffic! These loaves hit the bin. Stay away from pea flour...put it down...back away...and run, run for your little, gluten-free lives.


  1. After a day with the wee guys, I totally understand your telephone dilemma. Sometimes I thought you were ignoring me!!! But now I know. I actually cut off a lady doing a knife order, just to save someone from going outside without clothes on. The pictures are wonderful and I'm guessing that everyone is feeling a wee bit better. Gramps will probably continue to eat off the same plate, with the same fork as R, as he did not catch the spills or runs!!!!! Lucky guy!

  2. They do keep you on your toes, don't they?

    Pea flour? Never heard of it but will definitely remember not to buy it. Thanks for the tip!

    It was lovely to see you today in passing! I was having a rather crummy morning and needed a bright friendly smile and a wave :o)

    AND you can take some credit for the fantastic Christmas gifts I'll be making everyone this year. Aprons!!!

    I was having a hard time coming up with something special and when I answered the door to my friend today while wearing the apron you gifted me, she was very impressed and said how awesome it was. Functional yet trendy. So, a huge thanks for the inspiration!!!

    See you around the neighbourhood!

  3. it's like an open surface is an invitation, or a taunting challenge...the higher the better!

    Next time I see the stinky pea I will run away, run away...!!!

  4. Ahhhh.... the stuff they do while we are on the phone! Mine just scream (at me or at each other), but I can't say I've seen them being mountain goats! ;) Too funny!

    I just wanted to let you know of a great site I found and thought of you immediately. it's http://www.nourishingmeals.com/
    They have tons of recipes, all gluten free! Their stuff seems so tasty, have tons of pics and they even wrote a cookbook or are writing one right now. Thought I'd share with you in case your ever in need of new GF recipes.

    Hope your having a great week!
    (By the way, my SIL Melinda works with your hubby, that's how I found your blog. Been meaning to tell you :)