Wednesday, April 11, 2012

ADHD Edcuation

Grade 1.

Regular school.

One which we chose because of the Principal's affinity to care for children with extra needs. It was the last one on our list, but the Resource Leader (RL) and Principal surprised me. The accommodations with in the school include:

  • Break Out Rooms - for body or mental breaks.
  • re bounder trampolines
  • yoga
  • some kiddos keep a little lego at his/her desk for a quiet fidget/manipulative
  • afternoon snack & physical break
  • etc, etc.
Well....the principal retired. 
Strike 1.

The RL is....administratively overloaded? Detached? 
Strike 2.

W struggles with a couple of issues at school. 
Attention....not just because of the ADHD but because he is bright, bright, bright...and therefore bored, bored, bored.  Which gets him into trouble because then he doesn't want to make any effort as it's "boring." 

As I volunteer twice a week, I am able to witness first hand W's classroom behavior, interest, etc.

So, naturally, after speaking with his teacher (whom I adore! She really makes an effort to understand W and accommodate him), my next step was a meeting with the RL. 

After hearing my concerns.....

....she recommended he transfer to a different school!  " I don't like to send kids away, but...."

The Science School as his interests are science and humanities based aaaaaaaaaaaand 
..."you have to pick your battles. Is it really important that printing/handwriting being strong? We have kids use electronic devices rather than printing" 

Needless to say, I was stunned. Silent. Cause sometimes I need to process my answers so that they are appropriate and not right off the cuff/heart.

Now let me explain we have not been in the RL's office weekly or even monthly.
W's Key Teacher has been fantastic. 

But W has ADHD and I needed help in how to engage and interest W. This is an ADHD challenge not a subject challenge.

Second meeting of the year and her hands are washed of W and it's recommended he go elsewhere next year?


Sooooo...........I fired off a long, heart-felt, factual based email to the RL, Principle, and Key Teacher explaining what ADHD is, does, and how school will always have challenges for W and that as his mom I will ALWAYS advocate for him and by the way....this, this, this and this is on his IPP and it is not being met, so please do it now.

We'll see what comes of until then.....GRRRRR! Momma Bear is here!


  1. My heart is just wrenching for you...

    it's already SO utterly exhausting. Being the mommy of a child with extra abilities. But then to have to turn on mommy bear with those who should already BE on his team...even more draining. I think it takes an emotional toll just realizing that at the end of the day...your child really is just a number to them. Sigh...

    So sorry, hon. Big fat hugs from me!


  2. A big fat HA!! She probably feels threatened by him, in the fact he is smarter than she is! I let out a slew of not so "appropriate" words while reading this! Funny, I have heard that somewhere before, very recently in fact, about the same school! Hhmmmmm! No big surprise! Perhaps your energies are better used at the university level in their Education department on why in He!! They can graduate teachers that have no abilities whatsoever!,! You know where I've been on this subject! I feel the government should subsidize the private schools for this exact reason, they are not putting resources in the public system to include everyone! Grrrrrrr!

  3. Having just complete a class where potential teacher were taught about the inclusive classroom and all the things that are being done for inclusive education, I was copletely appalled my your RL's response! She should be fired!! She clearly has no idea what W needs....and if she didn't know, it is her job to find out what techniques and alternatives are out there! I am glad that you are there to represent W and demand that he get everything that true professionals should be offering him!

  4. Thanks my friends. I sent a detailed email to RL, Key Teacher and they ALL want to meet with me. Go figure! And now that I have had a week in Cuba to decompress, I am ready for them!