Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Blessings

Easter....a celebration of spring, bunnies, chocolate and new beginnings. Life. That's what it means to me.

Our family has many blessings to be grateful for this Easter. Funny how "good health" is the first that comes to mind. Even though we have health concerns and challenges all the time with TSC and ADHD resting in our home, I still am grateful.  I guess it's the little things. Even this Internet and this blog.
It has allowed me to connect with people I otherwise wouldn't. Far away friends. New friends. People that life has versed with experience and compassion as they too have children or friends or family with similar experiences.
Laughter. Can there be a bigger blessing than laughter? It lightens our load...if only for a minute.
Each other. Family. Friends we have chose as family.
And oh yes. Chocolate! And sometimes wine!

Today was a quiet day for RWB. After an Egg hunt and listening to Bup who was the first up begging to go outside and search for eggs, shocked that there were tiny paper ones left on the stairs, finding an egg on the steps, and chatting away to himself. After the search and devouring of the few treats we were off for a restaurant served breakfast. Now that's a treat!

Then the Hubs was off to work. A 10 hr drive and a 5 day shift. A short stay.( One day I'll blog about being a Married Single Parent. One day.....)

Bup is under the weather with a fever, runny nose, bright bright facial angiofibromas (they flare when he's sick or seizing)  and unfortunately a wiggly hand seizure this morning. But he's happy (enough) and slept and slept the day away. Tired. Sick and seizurey...always equals tire.

Bup catching a rest in the sun.
Then there's W. Somewhat content to stay home with me, watch movies, play a little wii (they finally earned it back!) and just hang out.
W having a rest with Dad.

So, as this Easter night comes to a close, I am grateful despite all the "little things" that are abound in our life because that's just the way it is. There's always stuff and today I'm just grateful for life, this journey, that is filled with stuff.

And....I hope you are too.

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