Friday, April 6, 2012

Hello Chickies!

It's "Sprinter" here which means that as the tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and other fleurs are poking their green fingertips through the soil in my front flower garden, the snow keeps falling every other day, the Easter Bunny is twitching while waiting to hide eggs, and the palm fronds are being woven into crosses for Palm Sunday and Easter weekend.

 I loved getting those crosses at church when I was a kid!

What are you doing this weekend?
Family? Friends?
Dyeing eggs, hiding eggs,..
Wearing bunny ears?
W has adored this little Easter book since his 1st Easter. 

We are not big on chocolate or candy....I LOVE it as do my boys, but really, less is more in this inside "Children of the Corn"s baskets and eggs they will find:
hot wheels car
nut or two
little fuzzy chick
little fuzzy lamb
marble with a bug inside
seeds to plant
and something else...but I'm not sure yet!

Tonight I blew out three eggs. It's been YEARS and YEARS since I did this and holy dinah I thought my ear drums were going to pop!! Anyway, three was enough, so after boiling a dozen eggs the trio of boys dyed them volcano style. Even the Hubs got in on the action to create a one of a kind egg. (Can you believe as a child he NEVER made Easter Eggs?! Gram!)

What treats will your family enjoy this weekend? Any unique Easter traditions to share?
Do tell!

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  1. You made it further than me with the whole blowing out the eggs thing...after the first with my eye balls almost popping out and rolling across the table even the boys felt hard boiled would be better!

    Happy Easter to you all!