Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hola Cabola!

Ahhhhh.....the sweet, sweet sun. Mr. Golden Sun I love the freckles you place on my W's nose, the farmer tan you gave R, the way you highlight B's little haired head, and how you leave a little bit of your gold on me too!

Cuban Golden Sun is even better when it comes with sand between my toes and a Pina Colada in my hand. Ahhh.....

Friends, I shall give you a few pics of our trip while I go attend to laundry, put boys to bed and prepare for the real world which invades tomorrow.

And as Bup would say, "Hola-Cabola!"
My Blue Eyed Bup. Long sleeves for maximum protection.

Happy, goofy boys. A blessing when it takes place and always deserves to be captured.

Oh! The beautiful waters off the Varedero Coast.

Sunny W.

See boys? Auntie A and I always hung spoons from our noses and it drove Grandpa G bonkers!

Crack me up! We truly are a special family!

Handsome Hubs...all rosy glow in his happy vacation shirt purchased on our honeymoon....a few moons ago.

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  1. so so happy for you all - what a wonderful sight!!!