Sunday, April 8, 2012


We are farmers!
I can hardly wait to introduce my boys to "the land". Feeding chickens, pulling weeds, raising their own food, petting rabbits...if they can catch them!
Ahhh...spending time out doors, playing, running, getting dirty, finding bugs, etc.

It was so exciting to receive the acceptance email from a local CSA farm accepting us as part of the share this season.  Fresh, organic produce and other farm goodies weekly throughout the season. Until the growing season provides some harvest, we will spend time at the farm helping out. The first work day is on May 4th.


Did I tell you that already?
I just think the boys will love being outdoors not to mention spending less time at the supermarket and knowing the boys are eating healthy produce.

So be prepared, I'm sure there shall be some interesting CSA work stories to come as well as recipes trying to use a lot of rhubarb.

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