Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Anything For You Baby!

An entry or two past I mentioned that my favorite husband is slightly obsessed with these guys right now. Well, it turns out I'm the true musical genius...uh...geek. (Musical Geeks Are Us....that's me!) Today I joined their fan club with the intention of beating the box office to purchase tickets for their upcoming show in July. (As a side note this could be that I know how easy it is I could join a multitude of fan clubs just to have kick a**! seats at concerts. Hmmm....who else is coming to town?) What an efficient personal shoppper I am!
We are going to rock on with the boys from Hanna while seated in row 1. Wuhoo!
I bet my husband REALLY loves me today!


  1. lmao!!
    Too bad I didn't have the hair to go with it. I can definately get the concert tshirt though! still lmao!

  2. No doubt you are extremely popular with the husband. Now to smuggle in the expensive beer and hot dogs!