Thursday, May 10, 2007

Baby News

First off, a late congrats to friends who have all their babies home. Their little wonder-triplets were born in January at 20some weeks gestation, overcame many obstacles, and are now all home. Yay! Now the real work begins for their family as life with 4 children under the age of 2yrs commences. Welcome home little ones!

Our baby is set to arrive on Saturday May 19th. After much deliberation, discussion and many tears we have decided to go ahead with a planned cesarean. I now feel very good about this decision. It certainly wasn't taken lightly as I am very pro natural birth & do what's best for baby and don't really believe in elective c-sections for the sake of convenience. It's major surgery! Yes, it's still a little scary and there are points that I need to wrap my head around, but it's the best decision for my health and potentially baby's as well. My favorite husband, our doula, doctor and the ob-gyn have been more than supportive and encouraging which assists in peace of mind too. So, the count down is officially on. Besides, with a cesarean who cares if this one is 12lbs (W was 10lbs)? Heck, "she" could be 14lbs and all would be well. My nether regions will thank me for this choice!

So, the next decision to make is that since I will be in surgery should I go ahead and have permanent sterilization completed. Hmmm....Hey! I should just ask them to take out anything that may be extra or unnecessary and tighten a few things up too. A spring tune up! "While you're in there have a good look around and....."


  1. You must be awfully happy that the day is drawing near! Maybe not.... I was sad to have the baby be born because I liked having him so very close. (sniff sniff)
    Have you had other c sections?

  2. No, this is the first (& last) c-section.
    I am happy to have it coming to a close & hope this baby will hold on until the 19th. Although I will miss feeling "her" move..and sometimes looking pregnant. Looking pregnant is much better than the jelly-belly to follow.

  3. I know what a difficult decision it must have been for you, and I am proud of you for having the couarge! Let me know if I can be of any help....just a thought: was watching a replay of "Footloose" on tv the other night and as I watched the name "Wren" grew on me...could work for either?!:)

  4. Thanks KS!
    Funny you should mention Wren...I know another pregnant momma who had mentioned that name a few months back. I wonder if she'll choose it?
    That would give us two Ws wouldn't it?

  5. The cesarian ounds like a great decision. Big decision about the tubal. The 19th is coming soon. Hold on little one.

  6. Congrats to the triplet family!! I big milestone for them.

    As much as my stomach looks like hell right now, I'm also not looking forward to the deflated balloon. So very deflated, still with attractive stretch marks!